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Had a weird day

by Betina - 00:18 on 14 June 2008

Wednesday June 11th 2008

All was fine this morning with the puppies, however a very very strange thing happened this afternoon!.   I was walking down to the cottage from the outbuildings when I heard this really strange noise, Odd I thought The sky then went dark and I mean dark, really strange I looked  up into the sky and I saw thousands and I mean thousands of




My first reaction was


Half an hour went by and they where still there !


Then they started to make a ball in the tree near to the outbuildings ! In my panic I thought if I sprayed some water from the hosepipe onto them they would fly away, WRONG!,  They got really mad!  I eventually phoned the beekeeper  he arrived and was quite angry that I had killed some bees, I said to him it was them or me, so they got it!

Moral of this story is

DO NOT SPRAY BEES WITH WATER they get mad! phone the bad tempered beekeeper instead





Comment from AAN at 11:32 on 10 July 2008.
LOL!!!!! but great tip

My DH is very keen to start a beehive on his allotment, think he must be trying to keep me away!
Comment from Betina at 13:07 on 10 July 2008.

Tell him no no no the very thought of it! I need a drink

he he he

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