First Litter born here at Ardneish for 7 years, dear "Tick" IRISH "CH ROSSLYN QUICKTIME"  has kindly produced a lovely litter of puppies born July 19th Father is Hillmorton Gus(Mum and Dad have very old bloodlines)   they are now coming up 11 weeks of age enquries welcomed but only a girl available,to a home I will be happy with, tel 07969 791611 ardneish@icloud.com    Please see video clips to the left of this page and below.




 My pride is in her movement "Four Feet of the Ground" she is the apple of my eye "my daemon" Thankyou so much to all the respected judges who have thought so highly of her


Scottish Kennel Club Entries 68 Judge Anne Davey Breed Specialist

Ardneish Lohengrin Dog CC his third so now Champion Ardneish Lohengrin (subject to KC approval)  his half sister Ardneish Pantalaimon went and won the Bitch CC her second so "The Double" what a day! thankyou to all who thought so highly of them :-))


What an incredible year for me and my hounds Ardneish Lohengrin Dog CC Windsor Championship Show Judge Breed specialist Wendy Cross Salidene this is his 2nd CC

photo courtesy of Glenis Peach with permission

Ardneish Pantalaimon BEST IN SHOW "DEERHOUND CLUB SHOW 2012"  Judge Mrs Joyce Bond Regalflight Bitches Mrs Pat Allwright Dogs both judges agreed that Panta went BIS  WOW a dream held for 32 years came true :-)


Darling Cscarf Best of Breed Crufts 2012 Judge Mrs A Macdonald hound specialist.

Photo courtesy of Glenis Peach Kilbourne Deerhounds

Cscarfs superb movement "four feet of the ground"


A Great Crufts 2012 for Dear Cscarf! and thankyou to everyone for their Cards phone calls e mails I am overwhelmed by the support from my fellow exhibitors from many breeds CSCARF AND I SAY THANKYOU X

Son of Pyefleet Percy :-) and Cute Coney  Best Dog CC then Best of Breed and cut to the last 10 in the Hound Group please see his page "CSCARFS STORY"

Wow! Ardneish Pantalaimon Bitch CC and Best of Breed Darlington Championship Show judge Miss M Girling Breed Specialist  ( Dreams can come true!) all thanks to her mother dear beautiful Lunar.photo courtesy of Glenis Peach.

Ardneish Pantalamon 1st PGB and then the Reserve CC I was thrilled! Judge Miss Mary Mcbride ( photo courtesy of Glenis Peach)

  Cscarf O'cockaigne 1st Limit Dog and Deerhound Dog CC Scottish Breeds judge Mrs J Blandford breed specialist ( Flaunden)

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 Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Ardneish Asriel and Pantalamaine my two new "Wee Bairns" with Ardneish Lohengrin and Cscarf O'cockaigne

 Welcome to the website of Ardneish Deerhounds I have lived my life with Scottish Deerhounds for many years, and I hope if you have the time to share a little with you

 I  had a litter of puppies last year, please take a peek at their photos and blog.  and naughty puppy pics   along with some small puppy video clips 

 Champion Ardneish Scourie with Ardneish Kiltie and Greystiel Aberarder, taken as we were parading with the deerhounds at the Game Fair.


Hello our names are Lohengrin and Strasbourg we are Betina,s puppies  we are now seven and a half weeks old, Betina called my brother Strasbourg because he is going to live there , I am named after an opera but get called "Grin", we are also half brothers to Cscarf O'cockaigne he is alot older than us and very good looking! and so are we! please come and take a look at our photos to keep "her indoors "happy,I  have to dash now as our Cheese and pasta dinner is ready and Strasbourg always pinches mine ,but I really do love him so very much . xx ohh and check our blog if you have the time along with our latest photos


I am a select breeder and only have a litter to continue my bloodline, (all of my Deerhounds are Heart tested by a Cardiologist annually ) my deerhounds are part of my family and live with me at home in the cottage.

 My brother at six weeks four days old he is a bit of a nelly

(Courtesy of Pete and Anne Bain Hillmorton) this lovely puppy is now living very happily in the U.S.A and the photo is taken there.

 Deerhound Puppies

I am so excited this is only my second litterof deerhounds  in 8 years,I only breed a litter in order to continue my line, I do not breed for money,my puppies are reared in the cottage, are house trained, lead trained and car trained  they are special ,and only special people are allowed to own one.


Cscarf O'cockaigne aged four months please do take a look at his page, he has recently arrived here in the UK with me from his lovely breeders Caroline and Simon Van Zanten in the Netherlands.

Did I really breed this cute puppy , she so loved the snow this is Champion Ardneish Scourie as a baby.

Lunar and her siblings as puppies running around the one acre orchard here at Molly's. I am pleased to say her brother did grow into his ears.

Top bar Image is Caroline and Simon lovely Deerhound Champion Cute Coney O'cockaigne , image was kindly designed by <©K.S. Designzp


Sleepy Lullaby ( lala)

Lullaby's Grandson Dear Grin aged 5 months

My darling Lullaby with daughter Lunar